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Prestige Sports recognise Netball for the fantastic sport it is.  We love netball and we want to make it more accessible to aspiring sport stars.  Netball is an awesome, exciting fast paced sport.

Our Academy Programme is designed to support the development of young players, through all levels.  We provide a platform for young people to develop their skills and raise their standards.

We will place the players into the session which suits them best, to give them the best chance of maximising there potential.  As with all our Sports Academies, the sessions will be focused on the athletes and will be delivered in a FUN and professional environment.  Our qualified coaches will lead the sessions with our pro equipment too.

Session Information

Our current Academy session:


Haverhill Leisure Centre- haverhill

5-6 pm every Tuesday 7-11 year olds

To arrange a FREE trial session please email and we will get abs to you as soon as possible.



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