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Ultimate Childrens Activity

OUR DODGEBALL coming soon!

Dodgeball is one of the most popular sports among young people, kids love dodgeball! We have set up PSD Dodgeball Academy to deliver dodgeball sessions in Haverhill.

Dodgeball club is great fun as well as being great for fitness and one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It is one of the most inclusive sports around! Due to its popularity in the local schools we thought it was about time to set up a club out of school.

The Dodgeball Academy Is Designed To:

  1. BE FUN!
  2. Be inclusive
  3. Improve fitness
  4. Teach teamwork
  5. Encourage good sportsmanship
  6. Teach values such as respect
  7. Teach tactics and strategies

Dodgeball Academy Sessions

Venue:  Session details and start date to be confirmed.

Day: Friday

Age Group: 6 - 14 Year Olds - Age groups split where necessary

Price: £3.50 per session

For more information or to book a space
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