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Sports Coaching Activities In Haverhill

Join our Saturday Sports Academy to try a wide range of sports and have great fun. We want to inspire you to get active & try new sports!

Saturday Morning Sports

PSD SATURDAY SPORTS ACADEMY - A unique sports club experience.

Current Locations: Haverhill

If you have a youngster who is sports mad, looking to get more active or looking to try new and exciting sports then our Saturday morning Sports Academy is for you.  A fun and friendly atmosphere where children will try lots of different sports and have plenty of fun on a Saturday morning.  

Start Date: February 2019.

Lead Coach: Harry Mumford & Jack Edwards 

Age Group: 5 - 11 Year Olds

Venue: Westfield Primary Academy, CB9 0BW

Price: £4 each week: Pay as You Go

Get Active!

Get Active On A Saturday Morning!


Come along and try loads of sports and exciting activities! Say no to the Xbox and Fifa 17! Socialise, make new friends and get active and healthy, whilst gaining experience in a huge range of different sports to develop new skills and confidence. Each week will include different sports you can come along and try. Whether to improve your existing skills or to learn and discover a new sport that excites you! You don't need to participate in every sport each week if you do not wish, however we do encourage our children to come and try all the sports on offer. We also have a range of contacts that deliver all the sports on offer for those who find a sport they love and wish to carry on as we promote and value lifelong participation in sport.

Play sports such as: 

  • Ultimate Dodgeball 
  • Arrows Archery, 
  • Hurricane Hockey, 
  • Football Fever
  • Basketball 
  • Crazy Cricket
  • Crazy Golf
  • Netball NetBusters
  • Badminton
  • All Star Athletics
  • Laser Tag Planet
  • Nerf Blasters
  • Football Darts
  • Electronic Darts
  • Table Tennis


Find the sports you love!

The sessions will be held at Westfield Primary Academy 9:00am - 10:30am every Saturday

* Sports subject change. Sessions will vary and will always be based around children's enjoyment.

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